Being the Boss

Everyone wants to be their own boss but are you really ready to give what it takes to be successful? The truth is when you work for yourself, and are serious about being successful, you will work harder and longer and initially for far less than you would on any job you were doing as a salary employee.

The life of an entrepreneur is unpredictable, full of highs and lows and plateaus in between. When you have down time, you are busy preparing for up time. When you are in the throes of a job you barely have time to breathe let alone bathe. When the job is over you are begin the grind looking for the next client, sale, contract, gig, cheque etc.

It always sounds nice to call yourself the chief executive, creative director, co-creator extraordinaire, but do you have what it takes? We may be good at the business but we must remember to that secret to a successful business is sustainability. A business that is built exclusively on one person is not sustainable. If you have a cold and are in bed for a week, then so it the business.

Sustainability, succession planning and controlled expansion all boil down to people. Working with people. Getting other people to buy into the vision and believe in the dream. Being the boss is not about lording over others but about being an inspiration.

Here are 5 tips to make it as the baddest boss:

  1. Be the first to arrive and the last to leave
  2. Be the hardest working person you know
  3. Follow the dress code, you made it
  4. Be accountable, don’t mismanage company resources
  5. Be honest

Remember, you determine the temperature, the culture and values of the company. So be to your employees who you want then to be to the market.

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