Taking Him With You

Today I read the story of the axe head in 2Kings 6 vs 1-7.

I have read the story several times. God caused an iron axe head to float on water. For them that believe, the impossible will be possible. That’s the lesson I’ve always been taught from that story.

Today I saw something new. Let’s go back to the beginning of the story.

The prophets met with Elisha and asked permission to undertake a task and Elisha said go. The prophets then went back to Elisha and asked him to come on the journey. Elisha went with them. Someone lost an axe head, Elisha recovered the axe head.

What struck me was that although the prophets sought divine approval before starting their project, they deliberately carried along the Spirit of God. Many times we ask God for the mountain, rush head long towards it, meet challenges and then begin to question God.

I read somewhere that just because He promised it does not mean you will possess it without struggle. The question is are you going to claim it with your strength or through His power. His presence is not the absence of challenges but the confidence that we will make it no matter what.

When we take God along, we will still meet issues but because He is with us, He will help us. We may get pressed but we won’t be crushed. We may take hits but we won’t get knocked out. The waves may come crashing against us but we will not drown.

The question is, are you willing to walk at his pace if it is slower than yours or walk in a direction you would prefer not to? He has said yes but are you ready to take Him with you?


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