Human Trampoline

Diary of a mum trying – Day 913 AB (After the Birth of Henry)   

Am I the only one whose 30 month old thinks they are a living, breathing, bleeding playground/obstacle course? Yesterday I was used as a trampoline, diving board, and landing pad. Several times, I feel attempts were made to detach my head from my neck.

Is it weird that I was able to hold a serious 20 minute adult conversation while my son used me as practice for his Cirque de Solei audition?

He was watching “the pups” and then got bored or inspired by the PJ masks and decided to do the opening routine of the show standing/jumping on my back.  Then he decided to get back on the ground, run up and dive unto my back.  Then a little more jumping.  Then standing on the arm of the sofa and diving straight into my back.

I appreciate my son finding me a soft landing pad but can’t this be categorised as fat shaming? What ended the acrobatics was my rising from the couch to make lunch. I truly love that child but I wonder am I a victim of child abuse?

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