The Holy Spirit Speaks!

So I signed up for The School Of Pursuit in church. I figured if the 90 day challenge is going to happen, I need all the help and guidance I can get.

Last night was the first class. The class focused on understanding the difference between doing the right thing and doing what you are called to do. Halfway through the class, we were asked to split into pairs. First of all I hate audience participation but especially when it comes to church things however, I will obey and at least my partner was Big C so it should be painless. The facilitator said we should make sure we are paired with someone we did not know. That instruction went straight over my head. I already said I don’t want to do this, now you want me to do it with a stranger, yeah right!

So the facilitator walks up and asks a lady to swap seats with Big C. For what! What is his own in my matter? We are told to say a prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to please help us see our partners as He sees them, and then tell them what the Holy Spirit tells us!

I began to panic. What have I gotten myself into? God and I have only just started patching up our relationship and I am now asking the Holy Spirit to talk to me. Oh God please help me. I knew I should’ve stayed home. It was 2 degrees when we left the house. God please!

Lovely. Lovely dropped in my mind. Lovely? Ah I can’t say that. Now she’ll think I fancy her. Holy Spirit please have mercy and say something, please Lord Jesus, don’t abandon me now.

God’s child. Oh, I can work with that. After we are all God’s children. I wrote it down.

Peace. Yoms is this what you desire or is this what God wants for her? Hmmn, today is today! I wrote it down.

Teacher. Ok now that was random. Yomi what is wrong with you? Teacher again? When is home time, because I’m ready to go now.

So it’s time to share our revelations. My partner has a full A4 sheet, I have 4 words. God knows after this I’m going home and no one should ask me about next week!

I insist on going first, let me get it out of the way.

I don’t know what spirit was manifesting because I had no intentions of saying lovely but I told her “God sees her as lovely. Specifically lovely. ” I even stressed lovely. She smiled and said OK. I said “He sees you as His child. I don’t know. I just know you are His child. I think I hear peace.” She just nodded and said OK. “Please I know this is totally random but I think He sees you as a teacher.” She just smiled

“So what are your thoughts?” I asked. She smiled wider and explained that her name means beloved. When I said she was lovely, that’s what came to her. She said she had been in a bit of a tussle with God lately and that every time she tries to take control, God reminds her that she is the child and He the parent will take care of it. Finally, she said “I’m a teacher.”

I suddenly felt warm. I stopped breathing for a second. The Holy Spirit actually spoke to me! Thank you Jesus! He said if we would just believe. Well… I had no choice! I was boxed in a corner and God came through for me.

So what did God reveal to her about me? Well she said it in a really nice way but the summary of what she was told is that I am hoarder with the memory of an elephant. Granted it’s true but He didn’t need to share that with her. She also said that God loves me. Well ain’t that the truth. I’m beginning to come to that realisation.

Thank you Lord for not letting me down and reassuring me of your presence.

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