New Year. New Beginnings. Same Girl

January is always a practice month for me. I make unrealistic goals, test out new habits and rediscover my limits for discipline.

So this year I decided I was going to (like every other year) become a gym bunny, lose 20kg (44lbs) in 20 days and read the whole bible in a month. I already told you January is for the dreamer.

I tried the gym. I hated it. I am still going. Joy of all unending joys. I managed to lose 5 kg (11lbs) by doing a one week water fast. The process was surprisingly easier than I expected. I was not hungry but I kept having to rinse out my mouth because it tasted funny.  Having stopped and continued to eat healthy, I have not gained the weight back, in fact it seems ‘we’ are still losing. Yay! I started the Bible in a year plan and then decided to add a 21 day devotional reading plan. The expectation was I would get bored/overwhelmed, give up and resume my daily routine. The outcome was I finished the 21 day plan 5 days late and fell behind by in the Bible in year plan by 14 days. Rather than giving myself the ‘you are just a disappointment lecture’ I found I was distracted by a feeling of urgency to still get closer to God.

The lessons I learned from my practice month were:

  1. Don’t give up
  2. Don’t underestimate what you are capable of
  3. Don’t be in a hurry with God

So looking to my new year, I decided to face my 90 day challenge (again) and win (this time). So what’s the challenge you ask? Over the next 90 days I have set my self 3 goals to address my WHOLE self.

1. (FAITH – Because it’s the most important) I am going to read a chapter of the bible everyday. The goal isn’t to read the whole book in a year, its to get a deeper understanding of God which I hope leads to a deeper relationship with Him.

2. (FITNESS – Because you can’t enjoy life when you’re out of breath) I am going to walk 3 miles every day… I may or may not last in the gym. This is the year when I celebrate myself. No more condemnation.

3. (FOCUS – I couldn’t think of an ‘F’ for Intellectual Improvement) I am taking a professional course which I plan to complete in the next 3 months. I feel like I am capable of so much more but I want to equip myself with the knowledge to know how.

So now that my year has finally started, here goes our 90 day challenge!

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