90 Days: Week 1

Goal recap:

Read a chapter of the Bible daily. Walk 3 miles daily. Online Course.


This week was amazing! I felt great and I feel like I have begun my journey to greatness!! I started with a successful 5 day water cleanse which left me lighter and brighter!

I literally achieved everything I put on my to do list, which is a feat for me because  I usually add things to the list as near completion.

I attempted to go to the gym and considering I was living on just water, it obviously was not the wisest decision I have made this year. The session was great but the aftermath was regrettable. Word of the week is DON’T DO IT!

My highlight of the week was hearing from the Holy Spirit. At my most helpless and desperate, God came through for me and I still feel warm and fuzzy right now. 

It was a great week and a great start to this challenge and I can’t wait to see where it’s going to lead.


5 Stars!!!

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