My 10 Year Anniversary

So the day finally came, 12 years and 7 months later. I’ve been planning this day for the past 2 years, honestly for the past 8 but who’s counting? My hair, makeup, dress, walking down the aisle of the Sicilian chapel with my dad as we waived at family and an exclusive few friends who made it onto the vow renewal guest list.

My lover and I would gaze into each others eyes and renew our commitment to each other and the additional team members we had acquired in the course of this marriage. After church I would finally take the wedding pictures that I never took the first time round, eat and dance the night away.

That was the plan.

This morning I woke as the sun kissed my face through the gaps in the blinds. I shook my braids loose and allowed beach blonde waves to cascade down, gently framing my face. I sat up gently, arching my back just enough to prop up the bosom and hint at a generous derrière, awaiting the ‘laying of hands’. The prayer session didn’t happen. Instead…

I watched a heated 30 minute argument between a 5 year old and 35+ year old on who was going to take a shower SECOND. After I settled that crisis and got us out the door, we were headed to a romantic brunch… for three.

Brunch was cut short as I had made the unfortunate decision to try out a new pantyliner on this momentous day and it didn’t work out. Racing to my rescue, Big Boo spent 45 minutes in the feminine care isle of Tesco, reading labels, video conferencing and diligently searching for my old faithfuls. He still bought the wrong ones but after 10 years together, I have learnt that 100% honesty is not the foundation of a solid marriage, simple phrases like ‘Thank you’ are. Result? An easy breezy afternoon.

Finally back home, I stole an hour and watched an episode of Poirot before getting dressed for dinner. The boys were downstairs playing with gadgets so I didn’t abandon them I just needed ‘extra time’ to get ready. I also used the opportunity to hand craft, wrap and hide my present to Big Boo because I’m extra like that. It’s all in the journey of discovery, Heaven forbid a generic gift like an expensive watch he’d been eyeing for the past 2 months… I got him that too but I know the hand painted sonnet in water colours meant the world to him. As I said in marriage eyes wide shut!

Dinner with my two favourite men was everything even though they seemed to spend it competing for my attention but I think I managed it well. Little Boo got ice cream before falling asleep in Grandmas room and Big Boo fell asleep after I got my happy ending.

My day, like my marriage is always planned to the last detail and almost always takes a completely different direction. Unpredictable, full of suspense yet really simple, drenched in unconditional, unadulterated, uncompromising love. It may not be a fairy tale but I truly have and continue to be happily ever after.


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