CC Day 2: Spot The Onion

There is so much fake news about today that literally every time someone sends me something no matter how convincing or outlandish, I immediately go online to search its validity.

It is frightening the efforts some people go to develop these hysteria videos. I have an uncle who sent me a video on how Obama created the Corona Virus and a few days later he sent me a video on how the CIA have arrested the Chinese person who created the Corona Virus. He didn’t even refer back to his previous video when he sent the new one!

Anyway, today was today! My husband’s aunt received a write up on the efficacy of onions in combating all virus’ and diseases. She told us of a family in a Haitian village that had survived a plague that took out the whole village. It seems when people came to check on the plague ridden village, the only survivors all lived in the same house and the only thing peculiar was they had onions, cut up all over the house.

So, with that evidence of irrefutable fact, this woman chartered all the onions in Oyingbo Market (I know she is the sole reason for the spike in the cost of onions is Lagos State – I apologise). Had the housekeepers and Nannies cutting up onions and placing them everywhere. I mean everywhere.

As my eyes began to water and my nasal receptors were crying out for mercy, I decided to check the validity of this claim online because by Jove, I ain’t going down smelling like a Nigerian kitchen.

I whipped out my phone and began my research. It seems even the American National Association of Onions have denounced the claim. I checked some medical associations and they also refuted the claim. With that I decided to send the information to one of her children to let her know (we’re not close enough for me to tell her she’s wrong about anything).

I watched as her phone beeped. I watched her read the information. She was quiet. I thought thank you Lord. Then she hissed and said, “they should stay there”. My heart sank. “That’s how my mother used to use coconut oil for her hair when we were using chemicals. Look at you people today buying coconut oil for millions…”

There was only one thing left to do. I spent the rest of the afternoon playing ‘Spot The Onion’ with Henry.

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