CC DAY 3: Nigerian Budget Debrief

I find watching Nigerian news more shocking than watching reality TV where black women fight and spit on each other for not getting invites to parties and false claims over net worth.

The national budget for 2021 was released today. I really wonder if the people in charge are cursed with stupidity or if it’s a competition to see how fast we can implode the country.

The world is facing a global recession based on a pandemic, we don’t have a cure to or really know anything about. You have to global oil powers Saudi Arabia and Russia having an argument over oil production levels. Oil prices have sunk to record lows. Here comes Nigeria, (whose income is almost exclusively based on oil revenue), set it budget with an oil benchmark of $37. Oil prices are presently $23. I just wonder why.

I am probably the least educated person in Nigeria, as we are a nation that celebrates and collects degrees like Solomon collected concubines. I don’t even know how to express my frustration.

Budget Basics:

  1. Don’t spend money you have not earned
  2. Don’t spend above your means
  3. Base budget on grossly underestimated earnings to create surplus

Out the gate these people are deliberately planning for shortages, debt and the nation’s demise.

I’m off to bed.  

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