CC DAY 6: Nigeria’s First National Health Brief

We finally had our first health briefing at the National level today. I am not a political person but I found the minister to be highly irresponsible and combative.

This man had journalists ask questions without microphones so the viewers could not hear the questions, then he would respond to the questions by saying things like,

“I answered that question before. You were playing on your phone.”, “I said all of that are rumours from social media, I am telling the truth.” What was the flipping question you git?!

Someone asked a question about ventilators. I am guessing based on the response because I did not hear the actual question, but his response was “I don’t know where you are getting your information from. We have a dozen ventilators in our general hospitals.”

A dozen?!!!! For a nation of over 200 million people? Are you freaking joking? Is this your level of preparedness? He even noted that the only person a ventilator was used on died!!! Who says that? So casually!!

Someone asked if locking down the whole of Nigeria would help reduce the spread of the virus. His response was “that is not a question for my department.” So who is supposed advise on measures to stem the spread of the disease? We didn’t ask you if the army should man the streets with drones, we asked if for health and safety people should stay home.

Let me go because I am just getting angry.

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