CC Day 11: Frustration!


I am tired and agitated. When I woke up this morning I felt like a king. I was on schedule with my breast feeding. I and the children were bathed, dressed and fed all before 10 am, considering I didn’t go to bed till 2 am this morning.

So it’s ‘Table Time’. That time when I give Henry work to do ‘independently’ while I do my ‘work’, all while Eddy is fast asleep. So, I announce that it is table time and Henry develops an eye irritation, then his leg hurts, then he’s allergic to the air conditioning. Finally, I am about getting the child to the table when my husband’s aunt chimes in “you need to get organised”. I assumed she was talking to the child because I am clearly getting my life together so I don’t respond. She repeats its and then clarifies that she’s talking to me.

From where to where? Are you kidding me?!

I sit at the table with Henry and give him a writing exercise and start on my computer. She looks up and tells me “No, you’re supposed to teach him”. What? First of all, he’s been doing creative writing for 2 years now. “What am I teaching him?” Secondly, you’re the teacher not me.

I spent the next 2 hours teaching creative writing with the 5W’s all while she, the teacher, sat at the same table, downloading apps, watching Covid-19 hysteria videos on YouTube and regularly telling me how I was teaching the wrong way. Please note the child, thought it was hilarious and decided to take the almighty mick. He would literally heckle me, mimic me and run off every 2 and a half minutes to get ’tissue’ that never made it to the table.

Just as I was beginning to make headway with the creative writing class, Eddy wakes up, I start breast feeding and that automatically shuts off my brain and sleep sets it.

I just want to be great…

The Nation:

Today I am just mortified.

The National Assembly have taken to begging on twitter. These scoundrels steal money with no conscience and then when the nation has a crisis, they don’t give the money back instead they start asking people in the ‘organised private sector’ to donate.

Today they are asking Elon Musk to donate 400 – 500 ventilators. They are mad!!!! Didn’t the health minister snap at a journalist last week talking about ‘we have a dozen ventilators in the general hospital’ That man is a twat. He is a proper twat!!!!

I’m watching a press briefing from NCDC and Coronavirus task force. Someone is answering a question by singing a Yoruba folk song… He is proper singing the whole song! I have officially left the building. I’m done…

Nope I’m not even in the mood this evening!

This man just said that there is nothing he can do about the Nigerian exploitative spirit!!!! Seriously I’m turning off the TV and I’m off to bed.

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