CC Day 12: The Arrest


I spent the day sleeping.  I mean literally all day just sleeping. I woke up twice in the afternoon to breast feed.

On one of my breast feeding wake up calls, I was drawn into the torture of a Dove Media movie. Any movie that makes Mount Zion movies look like Oscar quality is something special.

Moral of the story is to avoid all choir directors called Calvin. Calvin will impregnate sister Josephine, force her to get an abortion and after she dies from complications that her parents never find out about, Calvin will be tortured by his own conscience who is dresses in a mustard yellow Salvation Army uniform, hat included.

This evening I ventured out to buy vitamin C for the boys. The gentleman driving me decided to take the highway when we could have driven through the inside roads of the estate. As we got to our round about, the police stopped us and began to shout at the car “who are you!?”

The gentleman wound down the window and replied “I’m a driver in the car with my madam”. I wanted to pop him in the back of his head. He is neither my driver nor were we even in my car which is far more humble than the glorious vehicle we were in. What happened to “my name is…”

The policeman came to my window and again started shouting “who are you?” I cracked my window because I was not about to catch anything from anyone’s droplets! “Are you essential?” he screamed at me. I said “No, I need to go to the pharmacy”. “Are you essential? Are you essential? You cannot be here! Are you essential?!!!!!!”.

I stared blankly. When he stopped screaming to catch his breath, I explained again “I am going to the pharmacy to buy medicine.” Having caught his breath and regained his energy, he declared “You can go but you are not supposed to take a car so we are going to arrest the car.”

 “Okay.” I simply responded

“Ehn? What did you say?”

“I said OK. Where should we park the car?”

Angrily he says “Just go!” So we did.

I guess he had had a long day of the famous Nigerian “Do you know who I am?” attitude. I personally do my best not to engage people who I am confident don’t operate with logic and sense. You ask who I am instead of asking for ID. I am attempting to re-enter an estate that I have a security badge for at the front right corner of the windshield next to where you are standing but you ask why I am attempting to enter the estate. Even without Corona as a deterrent, I would rather watch another Dove media torture program than engage the Nigerian police on anything, EVER!

The Nation:

I shockingly did not watch the news today. On Instagram, I watched the Kardashian sisters beat each other up on loop and then went back to sleep.

I know the numbers have gone up but I cannot say by how many. I’m glad that some people have recovered and been released.

I think the markets have reopened in Lagos. I understand that people need to earn to eat, but what about earning and dying. I guess it’s like the 4 lepers, “if we stay here we perish, if we go we may perish or…”. I just keep thinking we do not have the medical facilities really needed to combat this plague so let’s not play with our lives.

Oh yes… I heard some French doctors want to test Corona Virus vaccines in Africa because we don’t have medical facilities or materials anyway…

The African, Nigerian, Yoruba girl in me has one response… “Iya re, Baba re, gbogbo ile yin. All your generations to come! Thunder fire you!! All of you will be lab rats for Coronavirus. Weres!!!!! (Yoruba translation: Mad people)!!!!!

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