Motherhood and the Big L

I was reading Matthew 7:24-30, this morning, about a gentile woman who begged Jesus to heal her daughter who was demon possessed. Jesus originally ignored her but she persisted. The disciples said Jesus should send her away so Jesus told her what he had was for children and not dogs. She agreed and then pleaded that even dogs get scraps. With that response, Jesus immediately healed her daughter who was still at home.

Now I can’t speak to the motives of Jesus with the whole ignoring and insulting the lady but what I did get from the story is that the mother loved her child and was willing to do or take anything to save her child.

The truth is if someone I asked for help had ignored me, I would walk away. Now if that person had likened me to a dog, my response would be both verbose and clear on why the person’s mother was unfortunate enough not to have had an abortion when she discovered she was pregnant with that particular person. Now add my child to the mix and it becomes even trickier, I might have to throw some paws… or kneel down and beg.

Being a mother is full of so many contradictions. I find myself “staying ready” to TKO anyone that comes for my child. Yet I have been known to retreat really quickly when I felt my child could be exposed to danger.

In my experience, motherhood is a privilege that comes with so may sacrifices. From petty things like changing (what I really mean is forfeiting) hair and nail appointments to stay with the baby to bailing out husband created catastrophic events (that I would have normally allowed to take its full course) for the sake of my child.

Jesus said publicly to the hearing of all I can’t give the children’s food to dogs and her response was yes that’s true, but…This woman took the ultimate L for her child to be the winner.

I pray that the woman’s daughter did not grow up to be a rebellious, disrespectful, entitled teenager because that would just take the biscuit.

I pray that as mothers sacrificing in one way or another for our children and families, God will see and bless our efforts. I pray that our sacrifices will not be for nothing and our children will be blessed by us and be blessings to us, in Jesus’ name, amen.

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