CC Day 90: My First Zoom Party

We had just ended our family communion and I rushed to join a Zoom fire side chat about systemic racism and how black people can empower themselves. The discussion
was elucidating. I was personally challenged to be deliberate about buying black, something that I had never considered.

On a high from such a thought provoking talk, I was off to bed. It was almost midnight.

I glanced at my phone and noticed an unread message. It was from one of my girls. Oh snap it’s her birthday and I forgot to call. Oh double snap she sent me an invite to a zoom party that started 4 hours ago. Merciful assurance. What to do. She knows you read her message and didn’t attend her party. Why are you the worst friend in
the world? How can one person be as useless as you as a friend? At least try to sign in and if it doesn’t go through you can say you tried. After the party has ended? Why are you such a poodle? Sha try! I attempted the link… and I was let in…

I knew none of the ladies, besides the celebrant. The girls all seemed so footloose, fancy free, representing the Nigerian affluent version of the ladies of Sex in The City. All were unmarried but one who I firmly believe is a newlywed. The topic of discussion
reflected how easy and unproblematic their lives were. They were discussing why they didn’t want to get married. The main reason was because they didn’t want to become

any man’s door mat, cooking and cleaning while he sat on the couch and watched the
footie on Sunday morning. Ha!
If that was the beginning and end of marriage, that would be bliss. You can always
hire a cook and cleaner. I never understand why girls, create these hang ups and
unnecessary burdens for themselves. You would have to be highly unintelligent to say
yes to a man getting looking for cooked food and clean laundry.
Don’t get me wrong. Marriage is not for the faint of heart and I still b

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