I Have Arrived

One of those things that had always shaken my confidence was the fact that no one had ever slid or slithered into my DMs, in 5 years of using instagram, nothing!

Well today that changed! I got a message from a stranger. It said “Hey, are you a model?”

Whaaaat!!! Well… In my former life…

It was a quiet Saturday afternoon in university and my phone rang. It was was a man that I did not know. He said we met at a friend’s house party. He said he was a fashion designer and wanted me to do a photo shoot and runway show. He invited me to an ‘industry’ party that evening and advised I bring head shots.

Excitement galore! What to wear, where to take said head shots. I called the woman with all the answers, Mrs A.

“Mum! I just got a call from someone who wants me to be a model in some show or shoot.” There was silence on the other end of the phone. Then the African, Yoruba, Mother of Many came out. The one that believes you build your children up with the truth not with inspirational encouragement.

She started. “I’m not going to talk about your weight. Answer me this, are you tall enough to be a model?” A rhetorical question to sting rather than be considered. She continued, “You know I’m surprised by how naive and simple you are.”

“Thanks mum, no worries.” Quickly, I got off the phone.

If only I had not made that fateful call, I would be walking around a famous multimillionaire plus size super model with a plethora of DM sliders but thanks to my mother, I am sitting in my closet celebrating ‘are you a model?’

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