Till Death Do Us Part

When I made my vows, I didn’t mean it

When I got married, I said “in sickness and in health” but I didn’t know that I didn’t mean it.

Nte had a fever, we assumed malaria. After 2 days of treatment and the fever not breaking someone whispered “test for Covid”. My natural response was God forbid. Not doing it. Why are we looking for what we haven’t lost. What if they make a mistake and say he is positive?

As soon as the seed was planted, it took root. My bedroom became a leper’s colony. I was the only one allowed to enter and I wore homemade PPE, a mask, gloves and a bubu I planned to burn once this ordeal was over. After an hour I couldn’t take it. I needed to get my children out of the house. I packed their things and mine. There was no point in us both going down with the ship.

I would sacrifice and stay alive for the children. Don’t get me wrong. I love my husband but I am not Jesus. I never thought he would cost me my life.

I got to my mum’s. She welcomed her grandchildren with open arms and shut the door behind them. I sent her a text saying I was scared. She sent me a reply saying “What if he survives? If you stay on this path, your relationship won’t”.

I drove home with a heavy heart. I walked in and he was lying in bed looking helpless. “Thank you for coming back” his whispered. I continued to feed him and check his vitals. I tried to be tender and caring but I was so scared. I felt awful that I wasn’t fearlessly selfless. To avoid getting in bed, I cleaned and disinfected till exhaustion set in at 4am.

My eyes shot open at 7 am. He was already awake and bathed. Bright and chipper looking like himself. I tried to get up and my body failed me. I was in pain. I heard Mr Macaroni’s voice say “Nko n se mi”. He had to help me up. Irony.

We did the test. The results came in. He was negative. So was I. All I wanted were my children. I had been away from my baby Eddy for almost 24 hours. My baby needed me.

We drove straight to the children, as the elevator doors opened, my baby Eddy was at the entrance about to go to the park. He turned, saw me and bolted towards me. Like the climax of an armageddon movie, I stepped out with arms open wide. As I reached down to pick up my child, he curved me and jumped into his dad’s arms.

When I say this life does not balance!

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