It’s A Family Affair

In my family, the success of an event is directly related to the amount of angst and drama certain family members (specifically my sister and I) experience. Today was no different. It started with me getting less that 5 hours sleep because our Eddie has decided playtime is between 2am and 5am. Now in order …

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Showers of Blessings

In order to stop breastfeeding at night, I have taken to sleeping on the living room couch. You would think that would cause relief but Eddie, my toddler doesn’t sleep till after midnight and wakes up at 4:30a.m. like clock work. Eddie can also open doors so there’s nowhere to hide. This morning the heavens …

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Literally this time 4 years ago, I was on my way home, sitting in silence, unable to speak. I had had so much hope, so much faith. No one could shake my belief in God. I put it all on the line because I knew if I just believed, God would not fail me. I …

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CC Day 77: Lockdown Barber

With the international events over the past few weeks, one can be forgiven for forgetting about the lock down. Today I was reminded again that indeed we are still locked down. I walked into the room and found him sitting on the bed naked with a towel across his lap. My heart skipped a beat. …

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CC Day 2: Spot The Onion

There is so much fake news about today that literally every time someone sends me something no matter how convincing or outlandish, I immediately go online to search its validity. It is frightening the efforts some people go to develop these hysteria videos. I have an uncle who sent me a video on how Obama …

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