Fat Shaming

Excuse Me

I just read a post about someone asking people to say excuse me and not move her out the way by holding her waist. As I read it I smiled and thought if only that were my problem. Years ago, I noticed the little children I volunteered with found the only way to get my […]

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I Have Arrived

One of those things that had always shaken my confidence was the fact that no one had ever slid or slithered into my DMs, in 5 years of using instagram, nothing! Well today that changed! I got a message from a stranger. It said “Hey, are you a model?” Whaaaat!!! Well… In my former life…

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Human Trampoline

Diary of a mum trying – Day 913 AB (After the Birth of Henry)    Am I the only one whose 30 month old thinks they are a living, breathing, bleeding playground/obstacle course? Yesterday I was used as a trampoline, diving board, and landing pad. Several times, I feel attempts were made to detach my head

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