CC Day 90: My First Zoom Party

We had just ended our family communion and I rushed to join a Zoom fire side chat about systemic racism and how black people can empower themselves. The discussionwas elucidating. I was personally challenged to be deliberate about buying black, something that I had never considered. On a high from such a thought provoking talk, …

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CC DAY 86: Lockdown Lock-in

This afternoon, I was strolling past the boy’s room when I heard a voice yell “Help! Someone Help me!” I walked up to the door and tried to open it. It was jammed. Right. Stay calm Yoms. “Henry, are you in there? Are you ok?” “Yes, mummy. The door is stuck.” “Don’t worry, I’m here. …

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CC Day 77: Lockdown Barber

With the international events over the past few weeks, one can be forgiven for forgetting about the lock down. Today I was reminded again that indeed we are still locked down. I walked into the room and found him sitting on the bed naked with a towel across his lap. My heart skipped a beat. …

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CC Day 12: The Arrest

Home: I spent the day sleeping.  I mean literally all day just sleeping. I woke up twice in the afternoon to breast feed. On one of my breast feeding wake up calls, I was drawn into the torture of a Dove Media movie. Any movie that makes Mount Zion movies look like Oscar quality is …

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CC Day 11: Frustration!

Home: I am tired and agitated. When I woke up this morning I felt like a king. I was on schedule with my breast feeding. I and the children were bathed, dressed and fed all before 10 am, considering I didn’t go to bed till 2 am this morning. So it’s ‘Table Time’. That time …

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