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10am   .   9th March 2024   .   Lekki

When women gather, they bring with them a rich tapestry of experiences and aspirations. Each voice holds within it the potential to resonate deeply, to connect and to inspire. Through these interactions, women realise that their challenges, dreams and triumphs are not isolated instances, but part of a larger, shared narrative. This recognition fosters a sense of unity that is as empowering as it is transformative.

Iya Henry Live is more than just an event; it’s a dynamic platform designed to inspire, educate and catalyse change. The summit will bring together women and thought leaders, activists and experts, to engage in conversations on issues that matter to women.

Iya Henry Live is a one – day event to celebrate all things women for women by women. Music, light banter, deep discussions, shopping and making connections are just some of what women have to look forward to on the 21st of October 2023.

The event will host panel discussions and fireside chats about issues ranging from relationships and business to health care and wellness. There will be women led and women focused businesses exhibiting at the venue. In between panel segments, there will be themed Hang Outs that include, a business bootcamp and other niche topics.

The event will host female only, staged panel discussions about issues ranging from relationships and business to health care and wellness. There will be women led and women focused businesses exhibiting at the venue. 

What are we talking about?

When women share their stories, they discover that they are not alone in their experiences. This realisation strengthens and empowers them, enabling them to confront their challenges knowing others have survived the same.

At the event, we will explore the multidimensional nature of women, discussing issues and topics in four broad categories being The Girl, The Leader, The Mother, and The Lover. Each of these aspects touches on important facets of a woman’s identity, purpose, and experiences.

In all these discussions, the common thread is empowerment. By exploring each of these aspects, women can gain a more holistic understanding of themselves, their goals and their roles in various spheres of life.

Emphasising self-care, purpose-driven leadership, navigating motherhood’s challenges and building healthy relationships all contribute to a well-rounded and empowered woman.

The Girl

Self-Care and Self-Love

The Girl is the essence of a woman beyond external roles and relationships. Encouraging women to nurture their passions, hobbies and personal growth fosters a strong sense of self that transcends their roles as mothers, partners, or professionals.

the leader

Discovering Purpose and Making an Impact

This segment highlights the significance of discovering one’s purpose and making a positive impact. Encouraging women to recognise their potential, be more assertive, set goals and pursue roles that empower them to effect change in their communities, workplaces, homes and beyond.

The Mother

Navigating Motherhood’s Challenges and Joys

Conversations around this theme cover a wide range of topics, including fertility struggles, assisted reproductive technologies like IVF and surrogacy, the emotional rollercoaster of pregnancy, dealing with postpartum depression and the ongoing process of raising children in an evolving technological and social landscape.

The lover

Healthy Relationships and Boundaries

This segment emphasises the importance of healthy relationships in all areas of a woman’s life. We discuss how women can navigate romantic, platonic, and familial relationships with confidence and self- awareness, using healthy boundaries to create and foster fulfilling connections.

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